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Table Top Rally
Further to last year’s map reading instruction, Chris Paton will give a refresher course on map reading. This proved very successful last time around, and after everyone is back up to speed this will be followed by a table top rally. This will take place in the function suite of Dalserf Bowling Club on Monday 25 August. All map reading equipment and maps will be provided. All welcome, wives, children, and grannies too. Promises to be a good fun night. Further to this instruction, it is hoped to hold a live 12 car rally at the end of the year when the nights are a bit darker.
Coltness 200
Coltness anounce the 2nd event in our popular touring calendar. The Coltness 200 will take place on the 1st October. More information will be available soon however what we do know is it will cover 200 of the most scenic A and B roads in central Scotland. Regulations and entry are now available.
Throw Away the Sat Nav.
The next Table Top rally with Chris Paton will be held on monday 29th August at Ashgill Bowling club. hris will be showing us the skills of rally navigation. This will allow us to successfully run a navigational road rally near the end of the year. Watch the events page for more information.
2016 Membership due.
The 2016 membership fees are now due. Dont miss out Please contact Alex Lindsay for your membership pack. Club Membership forms Can be downloaded here
Club nights updates.
This weeks car club meeting will be a social get together. Its at our usual place, Dalserf Bowling Club, Ashgill. . We are meeting at Dalserf Bowling club in Ashgill. Fun starts sharp around 730. Members and non members will be made most welcome. check out the tab above for information on the evenings entertainment Come along and join the action.
The Coltness 200 ... What is it? The number of calories in a 'Scotch pie salad', Lanarkshire's answer to the mile-high club, or the spot-height for the club's fortnightly meeting place – with its picturesque view of the banking which blocks the even more picturesque view across Dalserf and the Clyde valley?

Nope, neither of those things. It's a new event in the Lanarkshire based car club's calendar for those seeking a mixture of petrol fumes and fresh air, and invigorating chatter amidst intoxicating company.

Following the success of their extremely educational and thoroughly enlightening 'Castles Tour' a couple of months back, club stalwarts are planning another entertaining and stimulating drive in the countryside on Saturday October 1st

Ideal for those with wives, partners, girl/boy friends, grandparents needing an airing, or weans who will inspire their drivers with oft-repeated and countlessly endearing cries of "Are we there yet?"

The 'Coltness 200' is not an event for boy or girl racers, there will be no competitive speed element or strict time schedules, just leisure and pleasure rolled into one culturally convivial cacophany of automotive delight driving along uncluttered highways and byways, enchanted by the first glint of autumnal splendour in the Scottish Lowlands.

The Entry Fee is a trifling 40 quid per crew of two for which entrants will receive a Starter Certificate, Identification Plates and a Route Book. A 'Points of Interest Book' will also be provided which may, or may not, contain true and/or false 'facts'. You will have to decide.

The 200 mile run will start and finish from the historic hamlet of Ashgill close by the renowned visitor and tourist attraction of Larkhall and will include a decidedly non-gourmet, 'bearly' appealing buffet at the finish in late afternoon.

Aimed specifically at owners of cars which were manufactured prior to 1975, entries may also be accepted from those who might have something interesting or exotic which needs a blaw-through. The event is open to members of Coltness Car Club or any other Scottish car club which is a member of the Scottish Association of Car Clubs.

Entry forms Can be downloaded here

Regulations Can be downloaded here

Post to  Alex Lindsay Ferncliffe, 20 Reid Street, HAMILTON ML3 0RQ Tel: 01698 717426 Mob: 07789 905100

or Email to
The Loudon-Clear Guide to Rallying
Our very own Rally navigator Stuart Loudon gives us the inside track to rallying in the UK and further afield. Find his regular report in the rally section.

Training and Help!

This is a big, bad, sweary word these days. But there is no getting round it. The MSA (with the urging of the Scottish Government ringing in its ears) is hellbent on getting everyone involved in the sport trained, from Child Welfare Officers to Safety Delegates, from Marshals to Rally Organisers. To a great many of us, it seems ridiculous that we need to be trained for jobs that we've all been doing for years. Sadly, there is no way round this. If the sport is to survive then we have to do it. Fortunately it sounds a lot worse than it is.

Basic training consists of a Q&A session on the MSA website while additional training for those who wish to progress in the sport as Clerks of the Course or Opening Car crews will be handled at seminars staged around the country.

For instance, Stuart Sheridan attended a Senior Officials Training Event at the weekend. Apparently he didn't fall asleep and stated: "It was a very good course and very well run. A lot of interesting things were brought forward and discussed."

As of 2017 all people working as part of an organising team as well as marshalling require to have a licence and a certificate. The basic marshal certificate can be done online and then upgraded as you go along. Anyone working as an Official/HQ on an event must hold an Official's licence by 2017.

There is also a requirement for 2016 for at least 1 member of the organising team for an event who is running a safety car to have been trained. As of 2017 every safety car personnel requires to be trained. This applies to all events whether tar or gravel. Stuart is trying to find out when and where this training is taking place.

At the moment they cannot enforce for this year as no training has been held. In short we all have a lot of training to do this year if we wish to run any competitive events next year.

More Info on Training click here:MSA Training

To undertake the basic Marshal training module, register here:MSA Members login

Oh, and by the way, don't worry about registering your details with the MSA, they will not sell your info to the junk mail terrorists. This is purely to send out more info on events and marshalling. So it's actually a good thing to sign up to!
One of Scotlands Most Friendly Car Club
Each year we coordinate and run a successful Autotest championship runnng on tarmac, grass and gravel, The Colin McRae Forest Stages and we regularly meet for club social nights fortnightly.
The social nights meet every 2nd monday in Dalserf bowling club, Ashgill. During which we arrange various different activities like motorsport quizzes, tabletop rallies, car treasure hunts and driver forums. Members and non members will be made most welcome.
Why not come and meet all the Coltness characters and listen to the stories of Rallying old and new.  You will me made very welcome. Click HERE for directions.
Scottish Car Clubs update
Coltness car club is part of the Scottish Car Clubs Group. It has been set up to allow all of the scottish car clubs to advertise there events and relay important information to all members. Every month it publishes motorsport information for all activities held in Scotland. To look at the newsletter click HERE.